Pastor David Henry grew up in Newton, Kansas in a loving Christian family accepting Jesus at 10 years old and was Baptized.  His parents were members of the Assembly of God Church.  After graduating from high school, Pastor Dave was hired as a locomotive engineer by the Santa Fe Railroad and moved to California in 1965.  He fell away from the Lord and ended up hanging out in the bars and becoming an alcoholic.
Pastor Dave came to the Lord on Easter Sunday 1972 through the testimony of a 16 year old girl and was instantly delivered from alcohol.  Be began to study the Bible and devoured the New Testament and became grounded in the Word.  Pastor Gary Nash at the Barstow Assembly of God Church mentored Pastor Dave and gave him his first teaching responsibility—a New Believer’s class.


Pastor Dave’s wife, Joline Henry grew up in Barstow and graduated from San Francisco State University and subsequently went to Hollywood desiring to be an actress. She worked as a waitress until she became a screen extra and actress in the movie business.  Joline was set free from drugs and alcohol when she came to know Jesus on a movie set in Hollywood in 1975, as the result of the testimony of a wardrobe lady during the filming of a movie.  After seven years in the movie business Joline moved back to Barstow to help her mother take care of her ill father and was hired as a teacher at the Assembly of God school where she met Pastor Dave and they were married on March 26, 1983.


Because of their burden for single Christians, Pastor Dave and Joline began a Saturday night Bible study in their home the first weekend after they were married.  The study grew quickly beyond just a singles gathering, and expanded to include couples.  After being involved in a denominational Church for five years, Pastor Dave and Joline believed they were called to fellowship at Calvary Chapel of the High Desert in Hesperia where Pastor Dave was appointed an elder and served under Pastor Dennis Davenport for three years.


In the interim the growth of Pastor Dave and Joline’s home ministry necessitated renting a few rooms at the Assembly of God Church in Barstow.  The growth continued, and after much prayer, the group decided to organize into an official Church.  David Henry was ordained as Pastor by Pastor Dennis Davenport and the elder body at CC High Desert.  The first services were held on Sunday, November 15, 1992, in a small Church building on N. 2nd Street.  We moved to our current location (the old Assembly of God Church property) in September 1993.


After serving the Church for four years as a working Pastor, still running trains, the Church Board voted  to put Pastor Dave on a full-time salary enabling him to retire from the railroad.  After leasing the Church property, we closed escrow in 1997, God blessing us to purchase the property.  We are blessed to have been able to pay off our mortgage in December 2009.  God is continuing to bless our work and see spiritual growth in our loving Church family.  We are blessed to have a devoted group of volunteers that help keep us moving on as a loving fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ.  We can honestly say that Calvary Chapel of Barstow is God’s work, because he truly “…has chosen the weak things of the world…” 1Corinthains 1:26, Pastor Dave and his wife, Joline, to do His work.